Jiahao Fan

Position title: PhD Student

Email: jiahao.fan@wisc.edu

Research Interests:

UAV Mapping; Machine Learning; Remote Sensing

Publication Lists:

  • Fan, J., Li, Y., Wang, S. and Tien N. A C/C++ Code Vulnerability Dataset with Code Changes and CVE Summaries[C], in Proceedings of the 17th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ACM/IEEE MSR 2020), October 5-11, 2020. ACM Press, 2020 (To Appear).
  • Fan, J., Deng Y., Peng, N., Yan H. and Ren F. A 3D Situation Symbol Plotting Method for Multi-User Collaboration[J]. Journal of Geomatics 2020, 45(1)
  • Lin, S., Li W., Du, Q. Fan, J. and Li S. Analysis and Application of Visual Variables of Dynamic Flow Map Symbols [J]. Geomatics & Spatial Information Technology, 2020 (3)
  • Peng, N., Deng, Y., Fan, J., Yan, H., Ye, Y. and Ren F. Design and Implementation of Situation Symbol Plotting System Based on HTML5 Canvas [J]. Geomatics & Spatial Information Technology, 2020,43(02)