Yazhou Sun

Position title: PhD Student

Email: ysun382@wisc.edu

Research Interests

Agricultural Remote Sensing; UAV Remote Sensing; Precision Agriculture; Machine Learning


  • Y. Sun, W. Guo, D. C. Weindorf, et al., Field-scale Calcium Spatial Variability: Implications for Soil Erosion and Site-specific Management. Pedosphere (Accepted)
  • Y. Lin, Z. Zhu, W. Guo, Y. Sun, X. Yang, V. Kovalskyy, 2020. Continuous monitoring of cotton stem water potential using Sentinel-2 imagery. Remote Sensing, 12(7):1176
  • I. L. Pabuayon, Y. Sun, W. Guo, G. Ritchie, 2019. High-Throughput Phenotyping in Cotton: A review. Journal of Cotton Research, 2(1):18
  • Y. Sun, J. Chen, K. Wu, et al., 2017. Numerical Soil Classification Based on Fuzzy K-means Algorithm Model–A Case Study of Cambosols in Henan Province. Soils, 49(6): 1262–1267 (in Chinese)